With the permission of Ministry of Education, the Department of Physical Therapy in Hungkuang University is founded in 1998. Adopting the educational philosophy of University and College of Medical and Health Care, the Department has developed into a characteristic university of technology for Physical Therapy professional education with the efforts of all the faculties for more than ten years. The educational feature of physical therapy department is helping students to develop the subspecialty, including sport injury prevention and exercise instruction, long-term care and reablement, and assistive devices production and to possess abilities of employment competition, license-certified, and future professional development.

There are two professors, 5 associate professors, and 4 assistant professors for a total of 11 full-time faculties in the Department of Physical Therapy. They all have plentiful clinical experience, at least 5 years in medical institutions with professional specialties including musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiopulmonary and pediatric areas.

After graduating from this department, most of the students work as physical therapists in medical institutions, and some have opened physiotherapy clinics and acted as exercise instructors.

Future Development

The development of physical therapy is quite broad. In addition to the four specialties, the Department of Physical Therapy in Hungkuang University actively cultivates students’ the subspecialty, such as “sports injury prevention and exercise instruction”, “long-term care and reablement”, and “assistive devices production”, which has significantly improved the employment competitiveness of graduates.

At present, most of the graduates work as physical therapists in medical institutions, and serve as the chairman or important cadres of the physical therapist associations in counties and cities. Many people also start their own businesses, or devote themselves to the education work after obtaining a doctorate.

The development of graduates of the Department of Physical Therapy is at least the following items:

  1. Medical industry: medical institutions, self-employed businesses, home reablement and community rehabilitation and other medical businesses
  2. Health promotion industry: sports and leisure centers, competitive sports injury prevention, occupational injury prevention, women’s health care and other health promotion businesses
  3. Education industry: education systems such as colleges and universities, special education units, and early intervention
  4. Other industries: production, research and development, guidance and sales of assistive devices, social welfare units, etc.
  5. Advanced studies: further studies in related research institutes such as physical therapy, sports science, scientific and technological aids, health care, special education, early intervention or medical engineering in universities at home and abroad.

Tuition and other Fees

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