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Movement Science Lab.

Movement Science Lab. (N30501)

【Characteristics and research areas】
Founded in the 93rd year, the lab is equipped with six 200 Hz infrared high-speed cameras (Hawk) and two force plates (AMTI) combined with kinematics and dynamics measurement techniques for biomechanical and applied research. His main research areas are gait analysis, the effectiveness of exercise training after stem cell therapy, the development of measurement techniques for spinal activity, the effectiveness of treadmill training for children with physical and mental disabilities, and posture stability control. In the 96th year, the department added 240 channels of wireless EMG and biomedical signal integration equipment to be combined with this system, which will greatly benefit the future development of teachers and students.

【Responsible teacher】Shyi-Kuen Wu

Biomechanics, kinesiology, human motion analysis, advanced orthopedic physiotherapy, assistive device evaluation, special research



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