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Behavior Neuroscience Lab.

Behavior Neuroscience Lab. (I104)

【Characteristics and research areas】
The laboratory was established in the 92nd year and is equipped with animal behavior monitoring equipment, distilled water manufacturing equipment, ventilated kitchen, tissue sectioning and dyeing equipment, and high power microscope. In addition, there are high-speed centrifuges, flow cytometers, and free radical analyzers in the valuable instrument center for basic research. The subject of this lab focuses on exploring the causes and mechanisms of pain in animal models, with a view to establishing new methods of pain management, particularly in the study of myofascial pain; and applying physical factors to animal studies to understand physical factor therapy. The cell biology and physiology are transferred and further applied to the clinic.

【Responsible teacher】Yeh, Kuei-Ying

Physiology, case studies, physical factor therapy and experimentation


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