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Electromyography Research Lab.

Electromyography Research Lab. (IB102)
【Characteristics and research areas】
The lab was established in the 96th year and is equipped with 2 sets of wireless EMG (24 channels total) and wireless biomedical signal integration system (16 external analog and digital signals can be connected), and equipped with wireless synchronization device, which can be integrated into the human body. Research on myoelectric signals and various physiological parameters. This lab focuses on understanding abnormal gait, posture stability control, and myoelectric performance and improvement after treadmill training for children with physical and mental disabilities to understand the possible causes of abnormal control and provide a reference for treatment. The system can be integrated with the motion science laboratory instruments to facilitate research related to motion science.

【Responsible teacher】HUANG, WEI-PIN

Kinesiology, biomechanics, human motion analysis, physical factor therapy and experiment, aid evaluation, special research



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