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Orthopedic and Pediatric Physical Therapy Classroom

Orthopedic and Pediatric Physical Therapy Classroom (I301)

The laboratory covers an area of 40.84 pings, mainly for the teaching of orthopedic physiotherapy and pediatric physical therapy related courses. The classroom is equipped with two single-shot projectors and projection screens, a global ceiling camera, a physical projector, audio-visual equipment, etc., to facilitate the teaching of the regular and internship courses and student practice. The course is organized by the unit, and the professional teachers or clinical experts who are specialized in teaching are hired. The courses to be implemented and coordinated teaching are arranged to ensure the students' quality and rights. The department's teachers have at least 5 years of clinical practice experience, which helps the curriculum and clinical integration.

【Responsible teacher】Chen, Han-Yu

Orthopedic physiotherapy, orthopedic physiotherapy, pediatric physiotherapy, pediatric physiotherapy, cardiopulmonary therapy, orthopedics and clinical sports medicine



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